LEO LAKER (Finland), DJ HAMMOND (Hungary) and ACID FLUX (Mexico). Trio will introduce you a new breed of extreme HARTECHNO music ranging from 160 to 190 BPM. First time in UK. The stage will host also NOIZBAR Live, PERSOHNA, CLEAN UP BROS, more TBA.rnrnThe second stage will be driven by legendary ACIDTECHNO masterclasses D.A.V.E. THE DRUMMER (Hydraulix) and CHRIS LIBERATOR [...]

Artist: Mokushi Genre: Hardtechno / Schranz / Industrial / Atmospheric Tracks: 1. After The Rapture 2. Ground Invasion 3. Beatdown Siren 4. Lord Of The Flies 5. Dismal Droid 6. Beyond Despair 7. Vengeance Is My Girlfriend 8. I Want To Die, But Techno Doesn’t Let Me 9. Let The Bass Kick 10. Baba Metsa 11. Do The Technolution 12. [...]